Frequently Asked Questions

At Naomi Nails & Beauty, we pride ourselves on taking care of your skin, body and your natural nails. Our salon does not use electric nail files (also known as drills), or any harmful substances, something you should always check before having your gel,acrylic or fabric nail enhancements done. We are an official Minx & Shellac salon and would like to offer answers to your frequently asked questions.

Below are FAQs that help answer some questions regarding the treatments we offer.

If you have any questions that are not below, please feel free to contact us and we will give you everything you need. The first section demonstrates a comparison of the difference between acrylic, gel, fabric nail enhancements, overlays, Minx and Shellac in a nail & beauty salon.

The first section demonstrates a comparison of the difference between acrylic, gel, fabric nail enhancements, overlays, Minx and Shellac in a nail & beauty salon

What are acrylic nails?

Answer: Acrylics can be whole or partial, used over the entire nail or simply as tips. A mixture of liquid acrylic (monomer) and polymer, which is an acrylic powder, is applied to the nail.

What are gel nails?

Answer: A gel nail is typically a pre-mixed polymer and monomer gel that is first applied to the nail and then cured under ultra-violet lights.

What are fabric nails?

Answer: Where a layer of fibreglass or silk is placed onto the nail extension and built up with layers of resin.

What are difference between the 3 treatments?

Answer: All 3 have similar results. They can lengthen short nails, strengthen nails, and make your fingers look longer and more slender. If you are unsure I can offer free consultation before your treatment.

What can cause acrylic nails to lift?

Answer: Many reason exist. Acrylics take 24-48hrs to fully cure, and a slight knock in that time can cause the acrylics to lift. Other reasons for lifting includes: diseased nail plate, not maintaining regular infills, nicotine, fruit acids such as lemons, oranges, and other citrus fuits, harsh detergents, using a acetone based nail polish remover, medication, stress, misuse of nails, occupation, picking and biting, excessive use of oils and creams, or even just wearing the nail too long can cause lifting.

Can I place acrylics back on immediately after soaking off the old acrylics or do i need to give it a few weeks break?

Answer: Yes, its fine to re-apply acrylics back on as natural nails are made up of keratin (protein) so nails don’t breathe. But if you have ripped your acrylics off causing the natural nail to thin, then you might want to harden the nails back a bit as acrylics will just be more stress on top of damaged nails. Meanwhile you could apply nail hardener once a week to strengthen the nails up a bit, and cuticle oil every night to nourish the cuticles and promote healthy nail growth.

What is a Pink and White nail service?

Answer: “Pink and White” refers to the use of two colors of acrylic applied to the nails to produce more permanent and a natural-looking French manicure look.

What is an overlay?

Answer: An overlay is a thin layer of silk or fibreglass applied to the nail for strength and length.

What is nail fungus and how can it be prevented?

Answer: A nail fungus will show as a white area under the nail, as if the natural nail is pulling away from the nail bed. The right application and maintenance of the nail extension and using products such as a nail antiseptic will help prevent a nail fungus.

How can i prevent the nail polish from staining my nails?

Answer: Nails often goes yellowish when strong pigmented polish are applied on. To prevent pigmentation on the nails, remember to put 1-2 layers of base coat on prior to applying colour polish on nails to act as a barrier.


Does laser hurt?

Answer: Treatment is usually fast, effective and pain-free with lasting results.

Why have we partnered with Chromogenex for our laser machinery?

Answer: Chromogenex Technologies Ltd is the UK’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced light and laser technology systems for use in medical and cosmetic procedures.

How does Regenlite work?

Answer: Regenlite is a medical laser which emits a unique laser light SmarPulse ™ from a hand-piece held close to your skin. Regenlite has been engineered to supply exactly the right amount of light energy to the vessels at exactly the right time, taking them to the brink of damage and maximising collagen stimulation without causing long-term impairment. The laser offers swift and effective treatments with no need for cooling or anesthesia and little or no visible after-effects, allowing you to resume your normal routine quickly.

Why would I use a salon for this type of treatment?

Answer: Whether you go to a clinic, hospital or salon, the training required to operate the machinery is the same and is carried out by the same people. Our insurance also stipulates very strict guidelines that are the same across the industry. We have 2 dedicated clinicians carrying out each treatment.

Why Naomi Nails Beauty for laser?

Answer: We have invested in the highest grade of machinery as we wanted to avoid the many low grade machines in the market being offered by other establishments. Our manufacturer patented the first pulsed dye laser and is at the forefront of this technology.